Hebrew School Committee

Lise Engber, Chair

Dina Nadler-Serber, Co-Chair

Jill Gandel

Karin Ulman

Claudia Foppa-Pedretti

Samantha Shapiro

Note from PSJC Hebrew School Committee Chairs


Welcome back to PSJC Hebrew school! As we begin a new Jewish learning year, it will be different than years past, but still the fun, educational, creative, and close-knit environment we have always been - just virtual. I love the positivity of this upcoming year that Aileen has achieved by working tirelessly all summer to put together a program that fits all participants’ needs, and maintains its mission: 


“Our mission is to instill in our children a positive Jewish identity, and a 

foundation of Jewish literacy, values, and social justice.number one goal of 

providing is exceptional.”


We will continue to have programming that connects our families either virtually or in small cohorts, the usual fundraisers in creative, new ways, and deepen the bond of our Hebrew school participants. Also, the Hebrew School Committee will be working hard with the rest of the HS community to help deliver supplies, organize class zooms, and get creative with fundraisers. 


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Lise or Dina if you have questions, concerns, ideas, want to help, or just talk about how this year progresses.


Wishing all of you a healthy and happy new year,


Lise Engber and Dina Nadler
PSJC Hebrew School Committee Co-Chairs