Story Time

Next, I will do a screen share with a reading of the story, Is It Passover Yet? by Chris Barash and illustrated by Alessandra Psacharopulo. For preschool-aged students, reading a story is beneficial to their understanding of the topics and also promotes language development, acquisition skills, and literacy. 


Hebrew Language and/or Israel  

Today we will discuss the Hebrew word for the upcoming holiday Pesach!

In Hebrew it is written as: פֶּסַח and is transliterated as Pesaḥ. In English, we call this holiday Passover.

Art Project

Through art, we are able to explore colors, texture, fine motor skills, and creativity through a Jewish lens. This multi-sensory approach speaks to students of all learning styles and helps students to retain the day's lesson. Don't forget to share your artwork in the Shorashim Forum if you want to!



Heading 6

4/21/20 – Lucy Snyder – Kitah Aleph

Home Materials: pencil and paper





  • Who sang the four questions?

  • Which of the 10 Plagues do you remember hearing at your seder? Do you remember what we did when we said the ten plagues?

  • Who found the afikomen?

  • What items were on the seder plate?



  • Can you find the letter “kuf” in the sign to the right? (Use ScreenShare)

  • What do you think “lashon hara” is based on the picture?

  • Why do you think it might be important not to say negative things about others?

  • How do you feel when you find out someone has said something not so nice about you?

  • Why do you think people like to gossip?

  • What might help you do it less?

  • Scenarios – Is it lashon hara?

    • Two friends get into a fight and one of them tells another person a mean lie about their ex-friend

    • You want to be the line leader in school this week so you tell your teacher that Jill, another good student, put gum in someone's hair when she didn't.

    • You hear that a classmate is planning to punch another classmate, and you tell your teacher.

    • Someone in your class got into an accident and is in the hospital. At school, your friends talk about what could have happened to him.

    • A student drops their lunch on themselves and their clothes are dirty at school. You make fun of them.





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