Dvar Torah: Shelach Lecha

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Guest Post: Simon Fisher

Shabbat Shalom. Thank you all for coming and zooming today. I am so grateful to have family and friends zooming in from all over the world -- from California, Colorado, Kentucky, Scotland, Australia and even as far as New Jersey. Its truly a global affair and I’m so happy to be all together.

Have you ever tried to convince someone of something you know is right or has anyone tried to convince you? In my Torah portion, Shelach Lecha, G-d has to convince the Israelites to go into the land of Canaan and settle there so they can have a place to call home after being enslaved for so long...

First G-d sends spies into the land to scout it out and to see if the land is inhabitable. When I read this, I wondered why did G-d send those spies? Why couldn’t G-d just say: go in the land knowing that they would be fine? I think this is because G-d wanted to see that the Israelites trusted G-d. It was important to G-d that the