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Passover Plate

PSJC Hebrew School Haggadah

The word Haggadah - הַגָּדָה‎ - means telling, and is the formalized way we tell the Passover story each year at Seder. We are commanded to see ourselves in the story, and so, with each generation we tell it a little differently. 

Check out the slides below for some of our thoughts and scroll below for class videos and projects!


Kitah Dalet - Fourth Grade

Miriam's Song

Kitah Vav - Sixth Grade

Chad Gadya

Kitah Gan/Aleph/Bet

Lots and lots of Matzah

Kitah Vav - Sixth Grade

The Plagues

Kitah Gimel & Hey - Third & Fifth Grade

Featuring HSC Co-Chair Dina Nadler Serber

Echad Mi Yodea

Kitah Hey - Fifth Grade

The Passover Story

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