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Dear Parents and students,

Shalom and greetings.

I never thought the day would come were I would be teaching students through screens without physically being present…but here we are, all of us are in this together. The Passover songs are a drive through of the fun songs in the Haga’da. It is a great practice for the Seder night for the entire family. Another fun song is my Ma Nishtana Reggae which many of the students are familiar with from previous years. I just posted a newer version YouTube clip so please check it out and enjoy. I know personally of several families who ‘adopted’ it as part of their Seder repertoire.


I’m hoping for a complete return to HS teaching very soon. In the mean time I’m wishing you a safe, healthy, spiritual and meaningful Passover holiday.

If you wish to reach me, my email address is Isadorekieffer@aol.com


Chag Same’ach!