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Rachel K's Kitah Hey!

Dear Parents,


Even though Hebrew School won't be happening in the same room for a while, I hope this page will give you a clear picture of what to expect for the foreseeable future, and make continuing your child's Jewish education easy and fun! 


There will be links on this page to videos and music as it relates to what we're learning about, as well as the occasional worksheet to keep us thinking critically about the things we learn. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me at rachelskaplan93@gmail.com; otherwise, I look forward to our Zoom sessions for the next few weeks!


Stay safe and healthy,


Lesson | 5.20.20

  1. We will practice some prayers from T'fillah and some of the ones we have learned this year.

  2. We will look through some DahBear links with modern Hebrew words and phrases as well!

  3. We will have an end-of-year Jeopardy game (more history focused) on deck