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Shalom Kitah Gan families!


Even though we can’t be in the same room together, I am excited that we can continue to learn and have fun together on Tuesday afternoons. We’ll begin each week the same way we always do by joining the other classes for Tefillah from 4-4:20pm, and then we will break off into our own Kitah Gan virtual classroom for about another twenty minutes.

We’ll use this time together to learn in a number of ways including through stories and songs, games, craft projects, science experiments, and more, but most importantly to help the children maintain a sense of connection to each other, PSJC, and Judaism through this difficult time.

Please always remember each week to download and print Kitah Gan’s Hebrew letter of the
week coloring page and have crayons or markers ready on Tuesday. I will inform you ahead of time of whatever other materials you’ll need out during the class as they’ll change from week to week.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to be in touch at sfigurasmith@gmail.com.
Wishing health and shalom to you all!

Moreh Stephen

Mitzvah Magic!

Kitah Gan will begin celebrating Shavuot by exploring our internal sense of right and wrong in connection to Moses receiving the Torah and 10 Commandments on Mt Sinai. We will think about different ways that we can tell if something is right or wrong, and how we can make it better when we do the wrong thing. We will also review the Aleph-Bet because we’ve gotten through all of the letters!

Goals: Students will connect the celebration of Shavuot to Moses learning lessons about right and wrong from the Torah; Students will reflect on their own sense of right and wrong and be inspired to perform mitzvot in their homes
- Review of Aleph-Bet - Aleph-Bet Yoga and coloring page
- While students complete Aleph-Bet coloring page, read and discuss The Mitzvah Magician written by Linda Elovitz Marshall, illustrated by
Christiane Engel
- Magic Mitzvah wand craft
- Shavuot Singalong
- Shalom Chaverim!