Welcome to Rachel G's

Kitah Bet!

Hello PSJC Parents,


I know this is a difficult time. So far I've been nothing but impressed by this country's true dedication to education. I've seen how much a priority education is and how people will use whatever is available to ensure their child's continued education even in the face of quarantine.


In that strain I've created a youtube channel on which I will be updating weekly for your child to continue their Jewish Education. I will also add some videos from other resources such as Shalom Sesame, Bim Bam, and Shaboom. 

Please note that this web page is best read on a desktop or tablet.

I'm so proud to see how hard children and families are working to create a learning environment at home. I hope to do whatever I can to contribute.


We're in this together,



-Review flashcards and vocabulary

-Air trace hebrew letters and remember sounds.

-Hebrew Calendar: Review first half of the year. What happens each month and make edits to our document.


-What is Lag B’Omer

-Read Story about Rabbi Akiva

-Zoom Charades